Continuous Level Measurement

F78MP Series Radar

The F78MP Series air radar sensor provides non-contact, continuous level measurement for bulk materials in bins, tanks and silos. Accurate and reliable in difficult environments, the F78MP Series is an ideal level meter for powder and bulk solid inventory management. The F78MP Series air radar withstands corrosive environments and takes consistent measurements in steam, dust and other turbulent conditions.

The F78MP Series air radar measures the level of material in a bin or silo by monitoring the time it takes for an emitted microwave pulse to travel from the level meter to the surface of the material being measured and back to the meter. This time is calculated into distance which is then translated into a level measurement.

Ideal for Difficult Environments

Transmitting at a frequency of 78 GHz with a narrow beam angle of 4 degrees, the F78MP Series air radar level device is consistent and accurate in difficult environments.

Optimal Positioning

To receive the best results, a directional (5 degrees), or aiming flange (10 degrees) is offered on the F78MP Series air radar, which allows the unit to be directed specifically at the desired location within the vessel. A flat flange is also available.
Technology: Through-Air Radar
Applications: Non-contact, reliable in difficult environments


  • Power Supply: Nominal 24 VDC with max 550 Ohm loop resistance; Max 30 VDC
  • Dead Zone: 15.7 in (400 mm) from reference point
  • Max Measurable Distance: 131 ft (40 m) or 328 ft (100 m)
  • Transmitting Frequency Approx: 78 to 79 GHz FMCW
  • Update Time: Maximum 10 seconds (depends on settings)
  • Beam Angle: 4 degrees
  • Accuracy: 0.2 in. (5mm) including hysteresis and non-repeatability
  • Ambient Temperature Housing: -40º to 175º F (-40º to 80º C)
  • Conduit Entry: 1/2" NPT

Extended Transmission Distance

For tall and short silos, measure distance is up to 328 ft (100 m)

Simple Installation

  • 78 GHz with a 4° beam angle for precise measuring
  • Aiming (5° or 10°) or universal flat flange options
  • Quick Start Wizard with set up in only 6 steps!

Minimal Maintenance

  • Built in emitter and antenna provide protection from material build-up
  • Air purge is standard; angled vents for quick and efficient cleaning
  • No moving parts or external parts extending into the material

Endless Applications

  • High angle of repose
  • Dust
  • Low dielectric
  • Sticky Materials
  • Internal cross-beams

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