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Mining Applications | Joslyn Clark

Applications for Mining Industry

The mining industry contains some of the world’s harshest environments and most demanding applications. That’s why their equipment requires reliable power switching and motor starting solutions to ensure dependable productivity in potentially hazardous surroundings.

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of contactor and starter switches, Joslyn Clark is widely respected by leading coal mine machine builders. That’s why they use our products for applications such as long wall mining equipment, continuous miners, conveyors, power centers and other related equipment.  

Joslyn Clark’s CV, VC, and MVC contactors ensure safe and dependable start up and operation of mining equipment. Spanning the medium voltage range from 600V through 1.5 kV (CV Series), <3.6 kV (VC Series), and <7.2 kV (MVC Series), Joslyn Clark has the contactor and motor starter system solution to address your needs.

For mining applications, our contactor and starter solutions offer machine builders and mine operators safe, dependable solutions with a small environmental footprint for use in motor starting and power supply applications.