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Pumping Applications | Joslyn Clark

Applications for Pumping Industry

Because the water never stops, the irrigation industry requires continuous, dependable performance from its water pumping equipment. And that requires reliable power switching and motor starting solutions to ensure the electricity keeps flowing so the water does, too.

Joslyn Clark vacuum contactors and motor starters are UL Listed and CSA approved. Medium voltage motor starters comply with NEMA ICS2-324 Class E2 and listed under UL 347. Pumping applications include across the line starting and reduced voltage starting of motor up to 3,000 HP.

Joslyn Clark’s CV, VC, and MVC contactor offerings ensure safe and dependable start up and operation of pumps. Spanning the medium voltage space from 600V through 1.5 kV (CV Series), <3.6 kV (VC Series), and <7.2 kV (MVC Series), Joslyn Clark has the contactor and motor starter system solution to address your needs.

For water pumping applications, our contactor and starter solutions offer safe, dependable solutions with a small environmental footprint for use in motor starting and power supply applications.