Kistler-Morse® offers single and multi-vessel weighing controllers so that our customers can monitor and provide stable and accurate readings.

Kistler-Morse Series

  • SVS2000™ Controller

    SVS2000™ Controller

    High Performance Weight Indicator

    User friendly and easy to configure, the SVS2000 controller provides a weight readout on a local display. The output controls can connect to the KM ORB system or feed into a larger, company wide configuration.

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  • STXPlus Transmitter

    STXPlus Transmitter

    Cost Effective, Blind Transmitter

    As a blind transmitter, the STXPlus controller transmits weight readouts back to a local PLC, but does not have a local display or keypad.

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  • Weigh II™ Controller

    Weigh II™ Controller

    Multi-Vessel Weight Indicator with Local Display

    The Weigh II controller is a fully featured weighing controller that can monitor up to four separate vessels,  consolidating the vessel signals into one single location, saving control room panel space and reducing installation wiring.

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  • MVS™ Controller

    MVS™ Controller

    Multi-Vessel System Weighing Controller

    The MVS is a powerful and versatile, multifunctional signal processor and display for continuous level, weight monitoring and inventory management, and is fully configurable and expandable for up to 120 vessels.

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  • Ultrawave™ Ultrasonic System

    Ultrawave™ Ultrasonic System

    Non-Contact, Continuous Level Monitoring

    Configurable for a number of sensors, relays, point level inputs, current loops and PLC interfaces Ultrawave ultrasonic level indicator system can be used for solid or liquid level measurement, open channel flow and inventory management.

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