Data Management

Our dry-bulk inventory management solutions can gather and transmit real-time inventory data via the Internet in order to provide our customers with a reliable means of material monitoring and management.

Kistler-Morse Series

  • ORB™ Inventory Management System

    ORB™ Inventory Management System

    Remote Inventory Management

    The ORB system allows for access to inventory information and stored data from a remote location via the Internet. Multiple sites with multiple vessels can be monitored and managed. Reports can be run for inventory tracking and trends.

    Shop Series

  • InvisiLink™ Wireless Radio

    InvisiLink™ Wireless Radio

    Wireless Solution for RS-422 and RS-485 Devices

    Eliminate the need for cables and conduit connections between sensors and data collection devices to improve your inventory management system. Standard InvisiLink communicates using radio frequencies via RS-422 or RS-485 protocols.

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