Our weighing sensors have the ability to turn vessels into scales and are ideal for conditions ranging from sanitary to rugged  outdoor environments. Kistler-Morse’s offering includes bolt-on sensors, load stands and load cells.

Kistler-Morse Series

  • Microcell® Bolt-On Sensor

    Microcell® Bolt-On Sensor

    Turn Your Vessel Into a Scale

    The Microcell is an easy to install bolt on strain gauge sensor that produces an electrical output proportional to the changes in weight of a vessel.

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  • L-Cell® Bolt-On Sensor

    L-Cell® Bolt-On Sensor

    Turn Your Vessel Into a Scale

    The L-Cell sensor bolts directly to a vessel’s support structure and measures changes in stress of the support, converting a voltage output into a readable weight.

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  • Load Stand® II Direct Support

    Load Stand® II Direct Support

    Not A Traditional Load Cell

    The load stand is a direct vessel-to-foundation structural member designed to be a dependable and accurate continuous monitoring and control solution for inventory management.

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  • LD3™ Compression Load Cell

    LD3™ Compression Load Cell

    General Purpose Load Cell

    The robust and versatile LD3 weight sensor is installed under a load bearing support. This load cell compensates for changes in output due to the natural movement of a vessel.

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  • LD360s™ Load Cell

    LD360s™ Load Cell

    Designed for Sanitary Wash-down Environments

    Simple, self-contained design virtually eliminates bacteria hiding places and withstands rigorous CIP cleaning practices.

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  • TC1_TC2 Tension Cell

    TC1 & TC2 Tension Cell

    High Accuracy for Suspended In-Process Vessels

    NEW! Expanded Capacities – Now up to 110,000 lbs (50,000 kg) capacity

    Designed for industrial inventory management and process applications; construction is alloy steel with nickel plate for corrosion resistance.

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  • LD3xi Load Cell

    LD3xi/LD3xiC™ Load Cell

    Process Tank Weighing Solution

    Available with a cage (LD3xiC) or stand-alone (LD3xi), these load cells provide higher accuracy and are best used for in-process applications with smaller capacities.

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  • Load Disc II Load Cell

    Load Disc II Load Cell

    Low profile, High Capacity

    The LDII load cell has the lowest profile for its load ranges in the industry, and uses the proven KM semiconductor strain gauge technology to continuously measure the weight of material for in-process inventory and bulk storage vessels.

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