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Heavy Duty Limit Switch

EA150 Series Limit Switch
Heavy Duty
EA150 Series Limit Switch

For many years the EA150 Series has been the only choice of Switch for designers and operating personnel when it comes to sensing small, lightweight objects. Consistently reliable, our switches come in a broad variety for any application you may need.

Rotary units are gravity return to the set position and have 360° of total travel either clockwise or counterclockwise. Trip torques range from 1.5 to 7 inch-ounces based on output selected. Oscillating units are spring return with 15 inch-ounce trip torque.

Outputs include SPDT (1 N.O. and 1 N.C.) and DPDT (2 N.O. and 2 N.C.) contacts, or a special electronic version with 10-30 VDC, PNP or NPN output. Output indicator lights are optional if required.

The EA150 Series Super-Sensitive Limit Switches have been extensively used for fill detection on vibratory bowl feeders, small part sensing or counting, gauging devices, time delay mechanisms, safety interlock switch applications, liquid level controls, governors and a wide variety of other industrial applications that require accuracy and dependability.

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