Liquid Flow Meters

Open Channel Ultrasonic Flow Meters


The most commonly used technique of measuring the rate of flow in an open channel is that of hydraulic structures. Flow in an open channel is measured by inserting a hydraulic structure into the channel, which changes the level of the liquid in or near the structure.

By selecting the shape and dimensions of the hydraulic structure, the rate of flow through or over the restriction will be related to the liquid level in a known manner. Therefore, the flow rate through an open channel can be derived from a single measurement of the liquid level.

Hydraulic structures used in measuring flow in open channels are known as primary measuring devices and are divided into two categories: flumes and weirs.

Niagara Meters Series

  • 5600 Series

    Open Channel, Ultrasonic Flow Measurement Meter

    Configurable for a number of sensors, relays, inputs, current loops and PLC interfaces ultrasonic system to be used for liquid level measurement, open channel flow and differential level measurement.

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