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For over 75 years, Superior Electric has been inventing, designing, manufacturing and marketing high-quality/high-reliability AC power control components and systems.  Our leadership, longevity and product quality have earned us worldwide brand name recognition. 

Why are Power Problems getting worse?  First, we continue to become more dependent upon instant and consistent need for communications –whether it be radio, television, cell service or the internet.  And we know that isn’t going to change.  In addition, because of competitive market pressures, the sophisticated hardware and infrastructure that generates, transmits and delivers this media information, continues to become more voltage sensitive as designs and components are pushed to their limits. We need more information and at faster speeds.  And finally, power disturbances have increased simply because demand has grown faster than available generating capacity, along with non-sinusoidal loads that add to the overall system susceptibility.

Lightning strikes, line disturbances and uneven loads cause disabling transients, spikes, sags and surges.  Left unregulated, these conditions will degrade – even destroy – sensitive broadcast electronics in receiving stations, studios, mobile production vehicles and transmitter sites.

Prevent downtime and avoid catastrophic equipment failure, software damage, reduced power tube life and poor signal quality.  Broadcast and communication engineers, cell and cable operators, around the world use and specify STABILINE® Voltage Regulators, Surge Protective Devices and Uninterruptible Power Supplies for protection of their Mission Critical Broadcast assets.

STABILINE Voltage Regulators rated from 2kVA to 1,680 kVA, maintain output voltage to ± 1% with 99% efficiency.  They automatically feed voltage sensitive equipment a constant voltage level with no waveform distortion, and they have a high overload capacity.

STABILINE Surge Protective Devices offer reliable protection against even the most severe lightning strikes.  Available in a wide range of surge amp capacity levels – from 60 kA to 300 kA.

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    STABILINE® Automatic Voltage Regulators

    STABILINE® Automatic Voltage Regulators for use on all AC power systems, up to 660 volts. The regulator maintains constant voltage to your equipment, even when the input voltage and system load vary widely. The Limited Range coil design allows for substantially higher current and power ratings without increasing unit size or weight.

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    STABILINE® Surge Protective Devices

    STABILINE® Surge Protective Devices are designed for virtually any commercial or industrial environment where protection of mission critical equipment can be provided for at the service entrance and/or branch panel.

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    STABILINE® Uninterruptable Power Supplies

    STABILINE® Uninterruptible Power Supplies are available in a variety of technologies: true regenerative on-line, line interactive-sign wave output and line interactive-simulated sign wave output.

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