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When full bright isn’t always right, you’ll want to use LUXTROL Incandescent Light Controls.   

Based on Superior Electric’s variable transformer technology, these specially designed dimming controls are used in a multitude of residential, institutional, industrial, commercial and theatrical applications.  Chances are that you have seen, used or specified our convenient Wall Box units in Church Lighting, Showrooms, Libraries, Auditoriums and Court Houses to name just a few of the most popular installation applications.

Lighting control performance of incandescent lamps is smooth and step less over the full range from off to full bright – without flicker!  LUXTROL is synonymous with noiseless dimming.  Because the output of a variable transformer is a faithful and distortion-free image of the input waveform, the dimmer will not cause audio or video interference; ideal for any Recording or Broadcast Studio application.

Lighting intensity from complete darkness to full brightness is achieved with simple manual hand control of the dimmer knob or hand wheel, or by actuating a drive motor with a momentary contact raise-lower switch.  Any number of lamps up to the rated capacity of the dimmer can be controlled.  If one lamp burns out or is removed from the circuit, the others do not change in brilliance and can be dimmed to blackout.

For heavy-duty lighting control requirements, like Movie Sets, Theatrical Stage and Theme Parks, several dimmers can be operated at once from a master control , with or without separate control switches for the individual units.

All single units in the D5000-B Series are listed by Underwriters’ Laboratories.  Motordrive assemblies in the MD5000-B Series are also listed.  Parallel connected ganged assemblies are not UL listed as they have exposed terminals and a fuse located on the terminal board of each section. All manually operated and motor-driven D5000-B / MD5000-B Series are listed by the Canadian Standards Association.  However, the CSA listing requires that parallel connected assemblies must be installed in a suitable enclosure.

Ideal for new building plans or for use in existing lighting systems, no special wiring is needed.  The dimmer is connected across the line and the lighting load is connected between the brush and the start of the winding.

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    LUXTROL® Incandescent Light Control Equipment

    LUXTROL® Incandescent Light Controls are extensively used for incandescent lighting in residential, theatrical, institutional, commercial and industrial installations. All dimmers are continuously adjustable transformers that regulate light intensity by controlling the voltage applied to the lamps. Moving the dimmer control knob or actuating the drive motor moves a brush-contact over a bared portion of the transformer winding producing any desired lighting intensity from complete darkness to full brightness.

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